The 307th Bombardment Assn

The 307th Bombardment Assn

Korean War History – Blog Post #5
The 307th Bombardment Assn

The 307th Bombardment Assn

Lt. James Hobstetter, Pilot, 370th BS Diary 1944

August 14, 1942Have been instructing at Ellington Field Texas for the last month following myappointment...

Memoir of John Warne – Air Medal Winner

The Lost Airman - John Warne - Part 1 The Lost Airman - John Warne...
Ralph Murphy

S/Sgt. Ralph Dewayne Murphy, Waist Gunner

And Here He Is - Staff Sgt Murphy
Jack Palmer

Memoir of Capt. Jack Palmer – Pilot, 424th BS- Assistant Operations Officer

Captain Jack - The Last B-24 flown from the South Pacific

Memoir of Dale C. Strickrath, Sr. – 371st BS – Armorer/Gunner

The Man, The Myth, The Legend - Dale Stickrath
George Fender

Memoir of S/Sgt. George S. Fender, 371st BS 44-45

WWII Experiences of George Fender
J L Vanchel

Memoir of Jean L. Vanciel – 424th BS 44-45

Hand in the Air by J.L. Vanciel

Clips from the Cleveland Newspaper by Marty Huvar

And HERE are the clips..... Enjoy