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The 307th Bomb Group (H) Assoc. is always in the ongoing process of sorting, cataloging and digitalizing materials collected and received. The materials include thousands of photos, documents, diaries and other materials relating to the 307th Bomb Group. As the materials are put into a digital file format, they will be searchable and available through this web site. Our goal is to preserve the history of the 307th Bomb Group for future generations.

Share your 307th Bomb Group History!

We ask that you share your 307th BG stories, documents, and photos. Your legacy should not be stored in an attic or stored garage where it may be damaged or lost. Ask your children, grand-children, and even your great grandchildren to participate in this effort to preserve your history. Documents and photos will be returned upon request.


The 307th Bombardment Assn

The 307th Bomb Group archives include thousands of photos, documents and other materials.

Click here to visit the FREE Fold3 Collection of 307th BG Records and Photos - you will need to register with login and password but these records are free.

Research Tips from former ArmyAirForces.com web site: The Army Air Forces of WWII generated a lot of paperwork. Many of these records exist today in their original form or on microfilm and microfiche. These records are maintained at a handful of facilities around the country.

  • Personnel records: These records are maintained by the National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records in St. Louis Missouri. Unfortunately, a fire in 1973 destroyed many records, but you should always start here. If you are not a family member you will be prevented by the Privacy Act of 1974 in the amount of information you can obtain via this source.
  • 293 file, Individual Deceased Personnel File: This file is maintained by the Department of the Army in Washington, DC. If the veteran, you are researching was Killed in Action you will definitely want to obtain this file. This file documents the activities of the Graves Registration Command and the Army to locate, identify, and provide a final resting place for the deceased.


IDPF Instructions
Here is how to get your IDPF info


  • Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR): If your research involves the loss of an aircraft in a combat situation and not in Allied territory, the MACR will be invaluable. This document was generated shortly after the loss of the aircraft (usually within a day or so) and lists the crew roster, aircraft, and basic details of the loss including eyewitness statements if they were available.
  • World War II Prisoners of War Data File: These records identify World War II U.S. military officers and soldiers and some Allied civilians who were prisoners of war (POWs) and internees.
  • Accident Reports: Sometimes difficult to locate, maintained by the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) on microfilm. An accident report can run from just a few pages to a half dozen or more pages and may even include photos of the accident.
  • Unit Histories, War Diaries, Daily Reports, Station Memorandum, Special Orders, Public Relations Reports, Loading Lists, etc.: these unit documents are archived by the Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA) at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. You can usually obtain squadron and group historical summaries at no cost through written request. You should also be able to obtain a specific monthly squadron diary upon request. A larger request, say for the entire War Diary, would probably necessitate a copying fee.


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