307th BG Bases


The below information is a listing of 307th Bomb Group Bases.  The full listing may be obtained from our Historian James McCabe.  If you would like to obtain more information on any 307th Bomb Group Bases, please contact our historian.  You may reach him at HISTORIAN@307BG.NET. You may also fill out a request for information by navigating to our "CONTACT US" page.



Base NameDateAdditional Info
Geiger Field, WashingtonActivated 15 April 1942Link to GEIGER AFB, WA Info
Departed 28 May 1942
Ephrata Army Base,WashingtonArrived 28 May 1942
Departed 30 September 1942
Sioux City Army Air Base, IowaArrived 30 September 1942
Departed from Port of Embarkation 27 October 1942
HawaiiArrived 2 November 1942370 BS: Kipapa
Departed 22 May 1943371 BS Wheeler Field
372 BS Kahuku
424 BS Mokaleia
Espiritu Santo, New HebridesArrived 13 June 1943 and remained through 31 December 1943. The Air Echelon operated from advanced bases as follows:Midway Island
21 December 1942 to 24 December 1942
20 January 1943 to 25 January 1943
9 May 1943 to 17 May 1943
Canton Island
6 February 1943 to 12 February 1943
Funafuti Island of the Ellice Group
18 April 1943 to 23 April 1943
27 July 1943 to 1 August 1943
Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands
25 August 1943 to 14 October 1943
November 1943 to 31 December 1943
Guadalcanal1943-02-01 00:00:00Link to Guadalcanal InfoPictures of the 307th Bomb Group base on Guadalcanal
New Georgia28 Janaury 1944Link to New Georgia Info
Mokerang Field, Los Negros1944-04-29 00:00:00Link to Mokerang Field, Los Negros Info
Admiralty Islands Area, Mokeranf Field, 1944 Airdromes AAF Information
Los Negros Pictures of 307th BG Base
Wakde1944-08-24 00:00:00Link to Wakde Info
Wakde Island Area, 1944 Airdromes AAF Information
Wakde Island Area Pictures of 307th BG Base
Morotai1944-10-18 00:00:00Link to Morotai Info
Clark Field, LuzonSeptember-December 1945Link to Clark Field, Luzon Info
Additional Information: