E-Book Version – On the Fiery Breath of Dragons – by David G Oakley


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E-Book Version                                                                                     On the Fiery Breath of Dragons                                                                                                 by David G Oakley The story of SSgt. George D.  Oakley, Jr. and his fellow B-24 crew members, in the skies above the Pacific Ocean during WWII as they completed their missions in helping to save our world from tyranny is one of those war stories that just had to be told.  It is about boys. Very young boys, protecting our country from an east-bound attack by the Japanese during WWII.   “Theirs was extremely hazardous duty and it is remarkable that it was performed by these mere boys from America. It might be noted here, and the reader might remain mindful, as the story progresses, that these mere boys were in so many ways just that, mere boys. This couldn’t be more clearly depicted than when reading of the days these boys mischievously slipped away from K.P. duty before being dismissed finding themselves paying the consequences the following day, or neglecting to sweep out their quarters one morning only to sweat out the consequences following the unexpected inspection, or lying around reading and sleeping, sitting around playing cards and drinking Cokes, swimming and lying on the beach, shooting targets with their .45s, building up their living quarters and constructing crude furniture and fixtures from scraps, partying with the added benefit of alcohol provided by the Army one day, only to be “bored” the next day, and on and on, as the war wore on. All of this, their day to day life, before and after flying each mission in to and back out of the mouths of the fire-breathing Japanese dragons, destroying air fields and oil fields, planes and aviation fuel, the very nourishment critical to the survival of those dragons.”  Buy this eBook now! $19.95


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